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MediSource, Inc.
2925 Ledo Road • Suite 6
Albany, Georgia 31707
Phone: (866) 234-1447
Fax:(866) 234-1448

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MediSource, Inc. is focused on providing the most clinically advantageous enzymatic cleaners in the US market. Our UltiZyme® brand enzymatic cleaners offer the following advantages:

  Triple Enzyme formula
  Effectively Cleans Protein, Blood, Starches, Sugars, Carbohydrates, and Fats
  Proprietary Formulas Contain Protease, Lipase, and Amylase.
  Designed to Effectively Clean ALL Bio-Burden
  Cost Effective

MediSource offers the following complimentary products:

  UltiZyme® Low Foam Detergent
  UltiZyme® Instrument Lubricant (surgical milk)
  UltiZyme® Cart Rinse and Cart Wash
  UltiZyme® High Suds, Alkaline, and Neutral pH Detergents
  UltiZyme® Neutralizing Rinse
  UltiZyme® 28 Glutaraldehyde
  UltiZyme® Whirlpool cleaner

MediSource offers an expanding product line to include:

  MediSource latex, vinyl, and nitrile exam gloves
MediSource Awarded Broadlance Contract
MediSource announces contract with Broadlane for High Level Disinfectants. For more Information click on Broadlane Awards MediSource Contract

Our clinically advantageous products and superior customer service will provide a strategic advantage for your facility. For more information contact us, 866-234-1447.

The Ultimate EnZyme Solution...
2925 Ledo Rd • Suite 6 • Albany, Ga 31707 • Phone: (866) 234-1447 • © 2007, MediSource
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